Touring by Bike

For those of you able to take a couple of days off, bike touring can be an excellent way to enjoy natural areas. Not only do you have quiet and peaceful travel with no engine noise, but parking is no longer a problem. I've been taking trips by bike for 25 years and the experience has grown from short day trips to a 3000 mile trip across the continent. However far you feel able to go, the experience will undoubtedly bring you a fresh perspective
With bike touring though, it's easier to access the hidden gems that often go unnoticed. Fresh vistas open up and it becomes possible to stop for a picture anyplace you like.
Enjoy the whole bike touring slideshow here.

The Early Days

Bike ride from the South Bay to Pasadena

Many people think that you need a fancy bike or even electric-assist in order to go across town. For me though, all that was needed was a regular old hybrid bike, water, and lunch. This trip was about 50-60 miles. In my late teens I took trips like this every week to different parts of Los Angeles. Some of my adventures were more then 100 miles round trip.

New York

Montauk Point

During my time in New York there was less time for travel as I was working more. I had a work commute that ranged from 15-20 miles each day. This got me in such great shape that I was able to take a trip along the entire length of Long Island to Montauk Point. The trip was roughly 100 miles and took me from the densest part of Brooklyn through the suburbs and out to the more rural areas.

Cross Country Bike Ride

Stopping along Route 66

The peak of my touring experience was cycling across North America. I didn't take a plane flight to the coast and then depart (as many do), I just hiked my bike out from my apartment and left Manhattan for New Jersey and then north toward the Erie Canal which took me to Niagara falls and into Canada (this was before border crossings became tightened). Then I cycled across Ontario and back into Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago. As the weather got colder in the fall I shifted south towards Texas and New Mexico along route 66.


Camping on the Clackamas River

Living in the Pacific Northwest opened up new opportunities for experiencing the outdoors. I connected with other bike touring enthusiasts and we would take trips out to the forest on weekends. The best time for this was a three-day weekend which allowed one day to go out, a day for relaxing, and a final day for the return trip.



High up on the mountain

In 2014 I met someone who took regular trips to Wy'East (called Mt. Hood by settlers) and I traveled with his group on several occasions. It's difficult for modern people to imagine the experience of traveling from sea level to the top of a 3000 meter high mountain entirely with human power. But that's what we did.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse trip

In 2017 a solar eclipse was predicted to pass through Oregon and Idaho. This motivated me to travel with some friends on a 100+ mile trip to Seekseekqua (called Mt. Jefferson by settlers). Although this mountain is nearly as tall as Wy'East, I didn't go as far up the slope due to severe smoke and wildfire conditions (you can see the orange tint in the photo). Instead we watched the eclipse from a spot called Tombstone Pass. The trip was still an amazing adventure and I had a great time connecting with my friends.

Touring During Covid

Visiting Clear Lake along the PCT

With the pandemic still in force, the trip that I took was with only 1 person and went to a remote part of the Pacific Crest trail. This was a great location for offering options for traveling farther from the road then some other trips allowed. In this case I hiked from the highway south for more then a day to reach Clear Lake which was quite an experience. The only downside to this trip was the overwhelming flood of biting insects.

PushBikeGirl in Africa

Heike Pirngruber has been traveling the world by bike since 2013 and shares her stories and photography here..

Handicapped bike touring around the UK

After Claire Lomas became paralyzed, she didn't lose her momentum. Instead she worked on a fundraising event and cycled the entire way around Britain.

Bike riding across North America

Chris Figueroa has been cycling across the country for many years and gives inspirational talks to schools in the towns that he passes through. He raises money for heart disease through his organization, CycleForHeart.

Cycle Trekkers

Michael and Kelly are an Australian couple who've traveled all over the world by bicycle and have a great many stories to tell. They share it here.