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Radical Simplicity

Radical simplicity is the 'letting go' of things and attachments which do not bring deep and sincere joy to our lives and the lives of others. Here we explore the transition from a socially acceptable corporate lifestyle to a lifestyle free from waste, guilt, and consumerism.

Read more about the 12 things you must buy to become minimalist (kidding).
Decreasing Your Footprint

In the western world there's an increasing amount of guilt for our environmental footprint. The easiest way to change this, is to reduce consumption. But what is the most effective way to do this?

You can read my in-depth analysis - 'Climate, Cows, and Cars'


My ongoing list of ecologically themed novels and short stories. "After getting the first suit he saw... he exited the airlock and just stared. The timing couldn't possibly have been more perfect. Or more perfectly horrific to be exact. Tannin actually saw the alien craft fade to nothingness after taking only two steps out of the airlock. He stood there for several seconds just struggling to register what his eyes were telling him. Could that man be so horribly foolish?"
'The Right Path'
My photo creations.

Please enjoy a slideshow of my amateur photography from all over the country.
note: All of my photos were taken from the back of my trusty bicycle, which makes the effort, and the enjoyment, all the more vivid.
Oregon National Forest
Take a break and have a laugh

It's better to have loafed and lost than never to have loafed at all
Tips to make our buildings more energy efficient

Architecture has a huge influence on our lives. We can be affected by it not only when we're inside of a building, but also whenever we are near one. When most people think of architecture, it's the huge, million-dollar structures that come to mind. In reality, architecture can be anything from a cob hut to a cathedral. Architecture is merely what we use to keep us safe from the elements and to define our space.

Vernacular Buildings
Low Energy Living
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